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A New Kind of Interactive Artificial Intelligence.

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What Is GEN

Imagine having a conversation with an engaging AI Companion, experiencing their vibrant personality, and witnessing their growth over time.

GEN_Artificial is an artificial intelligence platform with developing simulated consciousness which is brought to life with cleverly designed interactive companions named "GENa".

This platform is currently in development and approaching an exclusive alpha release, with the first phase of functionality being showcased here to demonstrate the capabilities to look forward to.

GEN_Artificial is undergoing continual feature updates which will be developed further over the coming year and will demonstrate the true depth of the artificial consciousness platform which will fully bring the GENa interactive companions to life.

Simulated Digital Consciousness

Introducing a new breed of hybrid artificial intelligent with developing artificial consciousness which is "context aware" and grows through experience.

Personalised Interaction

Interact naturally, with reasoning and memory which simulates consciousness making the AI feel truly real.


User-driven feedback is a cornerstone philosophy of GEN_Artificial to help developing a truly unique interactive AI experience.

The success of the consciousness platform and interactive companion rely heavily on community involvement.


With a roadmap of ongoing feature updates beginning with an intial three major Milestone plan, there is no end in sight as a richer experience is developed.

Self-Learning & Evolving

Unique to GEN_Artificial is the self-centric nature of the consciousness platform. This centric approach means that the AI Companion appears to be evolving naturally, not simply through human interaction.

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The Vision

We're a small development start-up on a mission to create an innovative artificial intelligence experience. Our passion lies in creating an AI that's accessible and enjoyable for everyone and our goal is to develop an interactive companion driven by a unique artificial consciousness platform, that can engage in natural and meaningful interactions with people like you.

To further achieve our vision and expand our team, we're actively seeking funding opportunities that will provide the resourcing required to truly accelerate the delivery of our roadmap milestones.

Having been in development for over 3 years we're ready to look ahead to an alpha release, so join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionise the world of interactive AI.

The Showcase

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this product for?
    We have built this platform for anyone who would like to interact with an artificial intelligence driven interactive companion like no other, whether that be out of interest, for companionship or as an assistant. If you've used products like Replika, Pandora, Kuki or Anima but you're looking for something more engaging, you're at the right place.
  • I'm super excited, when will I be able to get hold of this?
    We are currently working towards making available an alpha release as an invite-only product. If you are interested in being part of the alpha testing group please use the contact form below. Please note that the alpha release will be on Windows and Mac only.
  • How capable will GENa really be during this alpha release?
    We've been researching and developing the GEN_Artificial platform for over a year, with design and planning going back even further. It is now time to get GENa in front of our early adopters to help with testing and feedback. Not all functionality has been included in this release, but as you will see it is packed full of features for you to be able to appreciate our direction.
  • How do I engage more with the community?
    If you are an alpha (or future beta) user of GEN_Artificial, you will be a member of the community forum where you can talk with the developers and other users. This is important to provide feedback and see how others are experiencing GENa.


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Make Contact

If you would like to learn even more about the development of GEN_Artificial's consciousness platform and/or interactive companion, use the following form to make contact.

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