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Research & Development Roadmap and Funding

GEN_Artificials Consciousness Platform and Interactive Companion will continually evolve over the coming 6-12 months with new features and capabilities, including increased natural language understanding, wider scope of interactivity, and expanded machine consciousness functions. These advancements to further enhance the capability to provide a richer, more intuitive and personalised experience.

The current Milestone release is just the beginning and the showcase is only a fraction of the capability still to come. The development will continue and more technologies are developed and leveraged through each milestone, to really bring the AI to life.

 Current target is Milestone 1 with an Alpha release, Q4 2023. 


In order to accelerate the research, development and expand the team to achieve the progress we desire, we will be running a funding campaign in three stages, which match each of our initial development milestones.

Initial Release Roadmap - Year 1 plan

Milestone 1

The core conversational functionality showcases the natural and open conversation capabilities of the consciousness platform, with the primary focus on the inner conscious behaviors and interaction.  The first phase of the interactive companion harnesses the purpose-built platform.

Milestone 2

A truly richer development of the AI based "Consciousness Platform", bringing the full consciousness and interact capabilities of the interactive companion to life.

Milestone 3

The creation of a deeper level of visual companion and interactivity, not seen with any other interactive AI's before.

Further Ahead

Future phases include creating a branch of the development for the purposes of leveraging the technology with Companions for commercial applications - where both the personal and commercial branches will evolve in parallel while leveraging the same platform.

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