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Showcase of GEN in Development

Showcase video, coming soon...

April 2023

Development Roadmap

GEN will continually evolve over the coming 6-12 months with new features and capabilities, including increased natural language understanding, wider scope of interactivity, and expanded machine consciousness functions. These advancements to further enhance GEN's ability to provide a richer, more intuitive and personalised experience.

The current Milestone release is just the beginning, and showcases only a fraction of the capability still to come. Development will continue and more technologies are leveraged through each milestone, to really bring GEN to life.


Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

The core conversational functionality, which showcases the natural and open conversation capabilities of GEN, with the primary focus on the inner conscious behaviours and interaction.

The creation of a deeper level of the visual avatar and interactivity with GEN, not seen with any other AI Avatar before.

A truly richer development of the AI based "Consciousness Platform", bringing the full consciousness and interact capabilities of GEN to life.

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